Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Wine Down

Can I call it Wednesday Wine Down if it's not quite wine time? The answer is YES! We can dream, right? And Jimmy Buffett got paid for always thinking it's five o'clock somewhere, didn't he? Anyways, I digress... 

While Mr. B and I were at Southern Season over the weekend I found some great summer wines that I've been ready to have more of. 

First up, Edmeades Zinfandel. I was told that it would be great chilled, and paired well with anything grilled, smoked, or barbecued. It was pretty tasty, and I definitely recommend it!

Second up was described as a great seaside and poolside wine. I usually only like sparkling rose, but this was really good!

l'escargot rose

On to something different, but you'll need a glass of wine for it... spray tans. But not just a spray tan, but mobile spray tanning. First, I have to say that several years ago I definitely said spray tanning was gross and I'd rather be fair skinned than orange, but it's true that everyone looks better with a little glow!

There is a company around town, Glo, that will come to you in the comfort of your own home and spray you down. I'm sort of obsessed! My sister and I will be bridesmaids in a wedding this weekend, and I have set up a little "sip and spray" for us to enjoy!

So, go grab yourself a glass of wine, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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