Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year, New Baby!

Let's see... It seems I always start posts with "Well..." or "It's been awhile..." or on Friday's. Friday's always seem like the day I feel introspective enough to write and collect my thoughts. And for today - January 20th - Inauguration Day - it seems fitting to start a new. A new year, new thoughts, new feelings. And for Mr. B and I, a new baby. A lot obviously has happened since I last wrote (to you? the Internet? the air?). It's been an emotional few months ending my pregnancy and the life that once was just Mr. B and I, and welcoming a brand new life into this world. See, we prayed about our future baby boy for 9 long months. Every night Mr. B led us in prayer about the health of our baby. We never asked too much just to make sure he arrived beautiful and healthy. And on December 19th at 2:47pm he did. Healthy. Beautiful. Strong. Just what we prayed for. At that exact moment, we were finally able to set aside all of the anxious feelings we had lined up for 9 months. And as I'm sitting here typing this watching my new buddy and listening to him explore what will be his voice, it brings a tear to my eye. 

As with every new mother, there are so many things I want for our sweet boy. I want him to always know the feeling of being loved. Learn to give and receive it. Always see the good in people. Learn to love life's quiet moments. Love the beach. Love the mountains. Find what makes his heart tick. Never miss a sunset. Catch a few sunrises. See beauty in the simple. Explore. Learn. Develop. Never give up on his innocence. And as the quote says: "Respond to every call that excites your spirit".

It was late in the evening on Dec 19th and our family had finally left for the day after meeting their new grandson and nephew. Mr. B and I looked at each other - new parents and in a way already new people - and both said in unison "I can't believe our prayers were answered". 


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  1. This truly is lovely. Enjoy the weekend with your darling boy.