Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The New Normal

The new normal is definitely an accurate title for my first post back since 2015! A lot has changed... including my blog look! If you're seeing this on Bloglovin' jump on over to check it out real time. Nothing special, but it feels like a hair trim - if you catch my drift! My little corner of the internet has been on my mind. Not that I haven't been inspired, but the creative energy hasn't quite been there. I guess all I needed was a fresh day and coffee sit to bring me back home to my blog.

Let's talk about change. It's weird how the universe knows when to group all those going through change together in one bucket - friends going through change, family going through change, etc. There's been change swirling around my "group" (family, friends, whatever you want to call it) for several months now, and I think we're all finally coming out on the other side. My specific change - job. I felt more than the normal gravitational pull to quit my job where I was cube ridden for 3 years. I finally pulled the trigger at the beginning of February, and can honestly say I haven't looked back one.single.time. The cube, the corporate lifestyle, the goal writing, the review cycles, on and on and on - it wasn't me. And it never will be. And now that I've realized that I can finally move on with my life. Trying to fit myself into that peg was actually more mentally exhausting than the work itself! 

So... what am I doing now? Well, I've joined my family's business - selling promotional products. I'm the boss of my day. I'm leading my own charge. And that feels good. It feels good to finally be in control of my destiny - ya know, for the time being. Now don't get me wrong - this decision was made with a lot of discussions between Mr. B and I and frankly a lot of fear (insert all the adult things here - income, insurance, blah, blah, blah). But, my mantra for 2016 is "who cares, at least I tried!" So far, it feels a little circa 2010 to me. For those that need to be caught up - that's when I moved back to the City of Oaks and it took me officially 6 months to find a job. But with a lot of dedication and repetition hard work does, in fact, pay off (plus a lot - read obscene - amounts of wine, tears and heart to hearts). I'm still getting used to by new normal, but I know my new normal can (and will be) successful! 

That's pretty much the long and the short of it! It feels good to be "back" and talking with cyberspace. Until next time...