Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Lately...

So, it's been more than a month since my last post! I didn't intend to drop the blog like a hot potato, but it's been hard finding time to sit and focus. In an effort to catalog the craziness here's what's been up...

We'll start with Memorial Day Weekend which I'll call Buffalo Trip #1. My family started out Friday afternoon trailing a Uhaul to Buffalo, NY to move my sister's family. It was a jammed packed weekend, but what I learned is that the further north you go into Western NY the more farm lands you see. Which for some reason really surprised me, and it was actually really pretty. My pictures don't do it justice so I'll spare you!

Exploring the Village of Williamsville

After that, as I mentioned before, my sister's family stayed with Mr. B and I until last weekend. We spent the last 5 weeks grilling, running the museum, going to the park, eating dim sum, serious attempts at juicing (read this article for a laugh) and general fun-ing around the capital. My niece was the perfect helper watering our plants*, and providing endless entertainment. We all thought 5 weeks sounded like forever, but in reality it FLEWWWW by! Sadly.

*Our plants look amazing! We're so proud of our very small produce haul!

Perfecting the BBQ
Callie being very tolerant!
Saying goodbye... for now
Goodbye party with all the girls!
This doesn't look like much, but this pretty much brings us to the present. Last weekend Mr. B and I made Buffalo Trip #2 for the final goodbye. After 30 years of basically living in tandem it's time for my sister and I to spread our wings. It was a sad goodbye, but we already have plans on the calendar for the next several months. Until then, we'll stick with FaceTime. 

With all the action early on, the summer feeling has set in hard for me! If there's any such thing as senoritis for grown adults I have it! With our wedding and honeymoon on the horizon I can barely stayed focused.  

We're on the go again this weekend to the beach to finalize our wedding menu. I'm really excited to see what they have in store for us!

Until next time...