Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bridesmaids Gifts + More Wedding Love!

I have to start this by saying that I promise come 2016 I will stop with the wedding posts! But, I hope that this post in particular helps someone out there! When I first started thinking about what I would gift my bridesmaids I hit a road block. For one, all of my bridesmaids had been in several weddings already including their own. So, they had already given or received a lot of bridesmaids gifts. I wanted to do something different, but not totally out of the box. I searched and searched. After a lot of thought I'm really happy with how they came out!

one | The Turkish Towel
I'm sort of obsessed with the towels from Turkish-T. I gifted everyone their Beach Candy towel which can be a towel, scarf, sarong, blanket. The list really never ends! They come in a ton of fun colors and are great for so many occasions. I got one for myself, and it was the perfect piece to travel with for our honeymoon!

two | Earrings
I wanted to give the girls something to wear on the day of obviously. I decided on earrings similar to these from Bauble Bar which went perfectly with their bridesmaids dresses.

Picture courtesy of Five Copper Creative

three | Monogrammed Handkerchief
I loved the idea of gifting a handkerchief to the girls. I really loved this because all of the girls are married, and the monogrammed handkerchief would really stand the test of time. I decided on Bumblebee Linens as my source, and they came out amazing. Especially love the tone on tone monogram! I held onto mine the entire ceremony - with my new initials!

Picture courtesy of Five Copper Creative

What have you given or received as a bridesmaids gift?

Last Friday I mentioned Mr. B and I would be featured on Tidewater and Tulle - a blog centered around Southeastern VA and the Outer Banks. The post came out yesterday - Classic Fall Outer Banks Wedding, and it was such a fun surprise!! Especially when you find yourself on the explore page of Instagram! I love this and I love that our vendors are getting a shout out for their awesome work!

I can't end today's post without at least acknowledging that Mr. B and I have made it 1 month as a married couple! It's every adjective in the dictionary, and more! And I wouldn't want to be featured in a blog post with anyone else, wink wink!

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