Monday, June 6, 2016


Happy Monday everyone! I was going to say ladies, but I'm holding out that I have a small handful [count 3] of men checking in everyday to see what's going on #BTO. How was everyone's weekend? We had a really great relaxing couple of days!

I started out Friday afternoon with my first visit to the pool at our local YMCA. It was so hot and humid that I daydreamed about jumping into a pool all day until that became a reality. I shut things down at work [aka my home office where I still have the taunting treadmill as my cube mate] mid afternoon. It was the perfect way to start the weekend! Mr. B and I rounded out Friday with a stop at our favorite sushi joint for dinner.

Saturday was a leisurely day as Mr. B had to work most of the morning. We finally met up for lunch and headed back home to enjoy the sunny day! Mr. B whipped up some awesome ribs and grilled corn for dinner! Doesn't this picture make you drool?

If I know my husband well enough he would want this disclaimer:
Ribs were cooked and smoked on the Big Green Egg and finished on the Weber
You're welcome Mr. B :)
We had another beautiful day in NC on Sunday! Mr. B and I decided to spend most of our day watching the Ironman race in downtown Raleigh. It was so much fun watching everyone participating! We actually ended up walking quite a bit to see the finish line [read - 6 miles!]. Needless to say after our unintended long walk, we had a very low key evening. Plus, I hate to say it since we were walking alongside real athletes, but I feel crippled from the walk. The flip flops could be the culprit. I love a good race though. So inspirational!

We have a pretty quiet week ahead with a special birthday planned for this coming weekend! What did everyone get into this weekend? Anything exciting on the agenda for the week?

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