Thursday, April 30, 2015

BM... the bridesmaid kind

I'm dedicating today to a bridesmaid shout out! There is clearly something special about rallying the girls around. I love the hype, and for me it never gets old. Unless I gain a new best friend between now and the time I'm deemed as too old to be a bridesmaid I think I walked my last aisle alone last weekend.

So, the only way to say goodbye is with a running list:

long or short?
chiffon or cotton?
cut your hair
color your hair
up do
leave it down
pull it back
strappy sandal
peep toe
nude pump
pack comfy shoes
pack your stickies
get a tan
keep your make up natural
lipstick or gloss?
no gloss? 
ahh, more gloss, got it.
make sure to smile!
keep your flowers down
hold my flowers
walk slow
always look at the bride
fluff my dress
find your partner

Some of my faves...

Cheers to all my ladies! 

xoxo - A

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