Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! Just working for the weekend over here. We are sticking around Raleigh this weekend which will be very nice after our travels last month. Mr. B is looking forward to grilling and football on Saturday (go pack!), and I'll be off celebrating a special friend at her baby shower.  For now though, let's get to what's important... Five on Friday!

I have to call out a sweet friend of mine. Friend = sorority little sister. I specifically remember when we had our Big/Lil Sister Reveal. Back then each little sister had to dress up in something provided by her secret big sister. I remember waiting to the last minute and the only costume thing I could find was a full zip up dog onesie. The only problem was it was suited for a child. Oops! Anyway, fast forward, she's started her own family and blog - J.Glo Mom-life. She has dedicated her blog to the learning's of teaching her sweet daughter Spanish in an English world and all things fitness, family and fun. I know she's going to do great things with her blog, so jump over and visit her site regularly!

I finished Elin Hilderbrand's The Rumor right before our wedding. I highly recommend it for your next quick read. I also just downloaded her book Winter StreetSo far so good! Winter Street is the first book in her winter series. She just released the sequel Winter Stroll. Can't wait to start that one as well!

Your next Pinterest dinner... 

Oven Roasted Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin with Maple-Ginger Glaze

Baked Tomatoes with Basil and Butter

Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler your mouth watering yet?

Earlier this week I was looking through Instagram and came across this picture. My horoscope! I wonder if this is a foreshadowing? If Dorinda from RHONY and I were friends I would have called her up in disbelief. I think someone has tapped my phone.

 I love to listen to podcast's while I'm at work because it's a great way to pass the time! You may remember me mentioning my guilty pleasure of Straight Talk with Ross Mathews. I recently listened to WTF with Marc Maron's podcast with James Taylor. It's a great listen! Several years ago I had the chance to see James Taylor in concert, and it was exactly what I hoped it would be. He came out in a long blue grandfather looking sweater and was nothing short of amazing! Do you listen to podcasts, and if so which are your favorites?

Alright folks! Until next time...

If you want in on the fun, join ChristinaAprilDarci and Natasha every Friday!

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