Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday's are for MRS

Well, hello! How are you? I feel like I need to reintroduce myself to this sweet little blog of mine. Mr. B and I are finally back to reality after a whirlwind [much needed] 2 week vacation. We obviously have to address the elephant in the room ( the computer?) ... Monday's are for MRS. That's right people. It's finally official! After 14 months of planning, hemming and hawing, stressing, sleepless nights, many toasts and many more bottles of champagne, Mr. B and I are married. Husband and wife. Officially united as one.

To say that everything we planned and everything I ever dreamed about came true is a total understatement. Everything exceeded our expectations fully! From the moment we drove onto our little sliver of sweet island land that we would call ours for the week to the very last sunset in St. Lucia. We have been blessed with so many amazing memories. There are so many highlights from the last 2 weeks, but the one that sticks out immediately is the weather. Now, don't think I'm crazy, there are sooo many other memories that come to my mind first, but we wouldn't have had the day we had without the absolutely stunningly perfect fall day we experienced on Oct 17th. I'm that person that is superstitious over weather. The more I looked at the forecast the better it got! Mid-high 60's, full sun, and a slight breeze. Every bride knows that picking a date out of the blue and praying the weather is exactly what you hope for is a total crap shoot. But we got it. All I wanted was that perfect coastal fall North Carolina day that people fall in love with. And we got it. 

A gift from God just shy of 7am on Oct 17th. I knew at this moment the day would be memorable.

One of the things that I love most about our weekend is that it was truly Mr. B and I. Everything from starting Friday with yoga on the beach with my girls to the boys playing basketball at the church before the ceremony, and even the grill inspired groom's cake at the rehearsal was perfectly us. To me it was real, true, and honest. Which I think is partly why I was completely calm and zen before our ceremony. At that point nothing mattered anymore, and my only tasks were to get to Mr. B and stay present in the moment. I've never been so locked into something more than I was during our ceremony. I don't think we took our eyes off of each other!

People always say that everything changes after you get married. I believed them, but at the same time I always thought how much can it really change? We already live together. We practically act like we're married already. What will be the difference? Clearly that was naive and out of lack of experience. Both Mr. B and I immediately felt a shift. Protective and responsible for each other. An instant feeling of wanting to do good by the other. We both know that life isn't going to be as perfect and serene as Oct 17th was. And we're both aware that actively loving one another and actively sheltering our love are the keys to keeping our marriage pristine like it was that day. There's so much ahead for Mr. B and I, and we have a lot of thoughts and dreams about what this life together will be like. It's exciting, scary, and exhilarating, and there isn't another man on this planet I'd rather walk this journey with. 

I hope this has been a good welcome back, and I hope now that things are slowing down (until my 30th birthday!) I can keep up a better schedule of blogging for the 3 people that visit this page! Until next time, here's a little treat...

All pictures courtesy of the amazingly talented 
Five Copper Creative that Mr. B and I are blessed to call friends!

Happy Monday!

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