Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We're back from our travels to Buffalo, NY for Thanksgiving! It was an amazing trip especially since being in person with your family trumps FaceTime any day. I do have to give myself the wife award for enduring 12 hours of Fantasy Football XM radio on the way home. That was tough...

I feel like we sped through the Thanksgiving holiday and now we're on to Christmas. Where is the time going?? Looking back, Mr. B and I spent the month of November saying what we were thankful for every day. It felt good to sit and reflect once a day. It's always interesting though when you start thinking about what you're thankful for. It usually consists of things from the present. How often though do we really reflect on things that got us to where we are today? Shouldn't we also be thankful for the intangible growth we've all had as well? The kind of growth that just seeps into your life that you don't even realize you've been working on. Before I dive straight into Christmas and the Kenny G Holiday Pandora station, I'd like to take one last second to reflect on that specific thing.

It's so easy to continue looking forward and only see the beauty ahead in life. I agree with that, don't get me wrong. But, I also firmly believe in looking back on what was [messy], where it sorted itself out, how you changed, and where you came out on the other end. Don't you think if we all spent some time traveling backwards our "thankful's" would be so much more profound? I know for myself it puts clarity and perspective on today, and how I want to grow tomorrow. 

I'd like to challenge you [all 3 readers...] - let's extend our practice of being thankful past November. I want to spend this time before Christmas in true reflection of the past, and in true appreciation and gratefulness for all that was and how that's shaped all that is ahead.

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