Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday everyone! We finally had a gorgeous weekend filled with lots of sun here in NC. We really had a low key weekend which is exactly what we were in need of! Lots of relaxing, lots of good eating and lots of outside time! 

My thoughts from the weekend...

I know it's getting warm out, but I'm seriously in need of a preseason spray tan! My legs haven't seen the light of day since our honeymoon, and frankly it's scary!

Is anyone else concerned about Zika or is it just me?! The repeated news reports have put the fear of god in me. Anyone else?

I enjoyed my new go-to summer thirst quencher all weekend... Cucumber Mint and Watermelon infused water! So good!

We're still waiting to plant our herbs and veggies, but on our list this year: basil, mint, parsley, oregano, jalapenos, peppers, tomatoes, and new this year green onions. We're out to make sure our urban garden is better than last years!

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is visit the NC Art Museum. Not only are the grounds beautiful, but the extensive greenway linked to the museum is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon walking. I can't wait for the new addition to be open, too! Our local attraction got some NY Times love recently as well - jump on over and it check it out!

Lastly, Mr. B and I are excited because we have a short week ahead! We are traveling north to spend the weekend with my father's family. I'm currently dreaming of Wentworth's [the most amazing ice cream...ever] and Louis' Lunch [birthplace of the hamburger]!

Until next time... I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Yes to Zika fears! And to needing a spray tan!

  2. My brother was really worried about the Zika virus for awhile because his wife is pregnant. But all of the doctors they've checked with said it's not something we need to worry about as much as people are worrying. So I'm not that worried.