Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Working from Home (and a GIVEAWAY)

Now that I've been working from home, as I mentioned here and here, I've come to several realizations...

one | Kathie Lee and Hoda really are as funny as you think! They make my morning routine much more entertaining. 

two | Workout clothes actually become less attractive by Friday. I'm still trying to work out my routine, and getting dressed has fallen to the wayside.

three | A coffee run in the morning to my favorite spot makes a huge difference! Sometimes it's nice to build in some "commute" time even if that's just for coffee.

four | For the first time in my life I've actually started paying attention to how many lights I use... and leave on! Now that I'm home more I've become more aware of our power bill, so I'm trying to grow up and turn off lights as I leave the room. It's a work in progress...

five | I have high hopes that not wearing makeup everyday will do wonders for my skin! Here's to hoping!

AND... since we're talking about "work" I wanted to extend an awesome GIVEAWAY to my readers! Jump on over to our Instagram and Twitter to like, follow and comment on the picture below to win this super cute tote and cooler in one! Winner can decide to keep this tote blank or imprint it with their favorite logo! Winner chosen April 6th, so hurry up!

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