Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Home where the heart is. 

Having grown up in a very transient and popular vacation spot sometimes it's interesting to reflect on where we call "home."  We spend our entire childhood learning the ins and outs of our hometown until we're experts on the subject without ever realizing that home is only until... our hearts find another. Essentially, I grew up and left for college and never looked back. I no longer know the best shortcuts, restaurants, best places for coffee. No one recognizes me anymore. I can pretty much blend in like every other tourist who calls our slice of the crystal coast home for the summer. Every time I visit I catch myself telling waitresses, cashiers and locals alike that I grew up there as if it will change the way they look at me. Inside I feel like a fraud for acting like a local sometimes, but no one can take away the sunsets I saw every day after school.

If you told me 10 years ago I would travel back "home" to get married I probably would have laughed. Now, though, there is comfort in the sands I've always known. And there's something special about bringing your family back to where it began. It will be an interesting and nostalgic experiment to bring the past and future together. I can't wait to breathe new life and new memories into a spot that I know is cherished by many. 

Home is definitely where the heart is, and these days that's where Callie and Mr. B are.... until our hearts find another.

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