Monday, January 26, 2015

Top 10

I figured since I'm new to blogging I should catch everyone up on a few quick facts. I know the 2.5 people that are loyal followers already know all they need to, but when I make it to the cover of some magazine one day this will be very important.

Onward... Top 10 Fast Facts

1. Mr. B and I regularly drive 20 minutes out of our way for coffee. Seems ridiculous, but all is right in the world when I have my cup of joe. 

2. Growing up I had a very weird obsession with flight attendants. 

3. If I were stranded on an island all I would need is a potato. Hash browns, fries, steak fries, baked, mashed, shoestring. Basically I would carb load until my rescue ship came.

4. I'm 30 minutes older than my younger sister  twin. This only matters when you get your driver's license first. You gotta take the wins where you can.

5. If dragged to a karaoke bar I already have a song in my back pocket... Bonnie Raitt - Something to Talk About.

6. In a perfect world I would be schmoozing it up with Andy Cohen and Seth Meyers.

7. Summertime with the windows down. Enough said.

8. Hi, I'm Anna. I'm an obsessive throw pillow fluffer. 

9. I can sing every word from Grease.

10. I misspelled macaroni in the elementary school spelling bee. I never hit the real stage, and I still have to think how to spell it every time. mac-a-ron-i.

On another note, I made this recently and it was delicious!

Source: Skinnytaste

Happy Monday, ya'll!

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