Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 5 - 2015 Edition

As we close in on 2015 and start gearing up to celebrate New Year's it's hard not to miss every "round up." Top shows, top worst celebrity break ups, top Google searches, etc, etc, etc. Well, here's my small [but meaningful] round up right here on Between the Oaks [#BTO]. Enjoy this installment of my favorite Top 5 posts from 2015 [also known as the only year this blog has been up and running].

This years most meaningful post - the first. It took a lot to start this blog after talking about it for a long time. And, truth be told the only reason this blog came to fruition is because the blog name came to me in a dream.

two | Home
Mr. B and I had already decided and began planning our wedding back in my hometown. Looking back now, it was the best decision to bring my family back to a place that means so much. 

three | Friends & Family 
This post is really about celebrating the bond between family. Nothing is more important than family especially when they're your best friends. What I've learned since this post is that distance won't ever change that. 

The highlight of my entire year was marrying my best friend. I never want to forget the emotion I had and the small details that made this day so perfect. 

2015 - also known as the year I became a Mrs and turned 30! But before I could do that I took a look back at all the things I would tell my younger self. 

Do you have a running list of 2015 highlights? I can only imagine what 2016 has in store for all of us!!

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